Monday, January 27, 2014

First Post for this New Blog Page - January 2014

Lion.  My brother, Leslie, scratching the kitty's chin. No, this is not origami!

So, I had to start this Blog Page over. It was the only way I could figure how to link it to my Gmail account. So all the old Meeting Reports are gone, except that I do have the text (and photos, separately) in a Word file. But I will probably never have time to re-post them. So, starting over today. I guess I'll just start with the January 2014 report, since that's what's "due" as of now. Maybe get a few pics from Oct-Dec 2013, since they never did make it here in the first place, while I was struggling to get back into the old account and get it switched to Gmail.
Chila, Chilagami, Michila
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