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RUFF & HiDEF Meetings Report: September 2014

//////  Five folders attended the September 2014 RUFF (Rosamond Upbeat Folding Fanatics) meeting in Rosamond. Five folders attended the September 2014 HiDEF (High-Desert Enthusiastic Folders) meeting in Lancaster. 

Origamies we folded in September:

1)  Double-walled Box/Tray. Design by David Donahue. Video instruction by David at:

This box can be made from any rectangle, including a square:

2)  One-Piece Closed Gift Box.  Design by Robin Glynn, Tomoko Fuse, Arnold Tubis, etal. Video at

Box shown closed on the left, and open, on the right:

3)  Masu Box.  Traditional design. Diagrams can be found in many books and on-line. We made boxes and lids. There are various ways to make the lid just a bit larger than the box, so it fits over the box. We made the lid larger by making the Blintz Folds pulled away from the center about 1/8” and the Roll-over Fold, same. A nice, easy box that can be used for so many purposes. Make it from scrapbook paper and it will be very sturdy.

Boxes with lids pushed all the way down, and part-way down:

4)  R2D2 (Star Wars).  Design by Chris Alexander. Diagram (and special paper) in “Star Wars Origami” by Chris Alexander (2012, pg43).



5)  Neale’s Magic Star. Design by Robert Neale. Video at:

This is the one made from eight simple modules. The model can be “shaped” into a star or a ring.

Here’s the model in the “star” configuration:

And this photo shows both the “star” and “ring” configurations:

6)  Owl.  Design by Robert Neale. Diagrammed in “The Flapping Bird” (OUSA publication, 1976, pg B-2) by Samuel Randlett.

Two Owls:

7)  Jabba the Hut (Star Wars).  Design by Chris Alexander. Diagram (and special paper) in “Star Wars Origami” by Chris Alexander (2012, pg57)

Three Jabbas:

8)  Dice Box.  Design by Tomoko Fuse. Diagrammed in “Home Decorating With Origami” (isbn 4-88996-059-7, 2000, pg113).

The model is called “Dice Package” in the book. The box is made from a square. The “topper” or “stopper” is made from a smaller square, half the size of the one used to make the box:

9)  Spiral Shell.  I received this model as a gift, from one of the meeting attendees. She bought it at a gift shop. Looks to me like a Tomoko Fuse model. I don’t have any of Fuse’s spiral books, and couldn’t find a look-alike on the web.

Top view:

Side view:

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