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RUFF & HiDEF Meetings Report: January 2015

//////  Fifteen folders attended the January 2015 RUFF (Rosamond Upbeat Folding Fanatics) meeting in Rosamond. Three folders attended the January 2015 HiDEF (High-Desert Enthusiastic Folders) meeting in Lancaster.

Origamies we folded in January:  (1) Heart Bookmark;  (2) Six-page Booklet;  (3) Boat Note;  (4) Double-wall Box/Tray;  (5) Penta Saar Star;  (6) Octopus;  (7) Corner Bookmark;  (8) Traditional Drinking Cup;  (9) Simple Letterfold;  (10) Penguin Home;  (11) Traditional Flapping Bird.

1) Heart Bookmark.  Designed by Fumiaki Shingu. Diagram on-line at:

Low-Intermediate model. Requires care to make nicely/neatly. Made from half a square (1x2 rectangle). I used a piece of pink/white kami here.

2) Six-page Booklet.  Design is probably Traditional. This is a simple variation, made from 8.5x11 letter paper. I found a diagram, made and posted by Paula Beardell Krieg (2009), along with lots of other cool stuff to make from paper, at:

This booklet requires one cut. The pages are easy to “lay out” in a computer program, print the sheet, fold & cut, voila! A custom booklet or greeting card. We made them from 8.5x11 scrapbook paper.

3) Sailboat Envelope.  Design by Michael LaFosse. Diagram in “Trash Origami” by Michael G LaFosse and Richard L Alexander (2010, pg46). Low-Intermediate model. Features a color-change to highlight the sailboat. The envelope area is rectangular, making it nice for enclosing a business card or greeting card. Here’s the finished model:

And here is a view of it opened up, ready to accept a rectangular card:

4) Double-wall Box/Tray.  Design by David Donahue. Video instruction by David Donahue:

The model can be made from any rectangle, including a square.

5) Penta Saar Star.  We folded this model in December. In January, one folder folded this model from a pentagon, for a five-pointed star. I didn’t get a photo of it, but here’s one from a square, and made from foil:

6) Octopus.  Design by John Szinger. Diagram in “Origami Animal Sculpture” by John Szinger (2014, isbn-978-4-8053-1262-9, pg56). Intermediate model, maybe High-Intermediate. Forming the arms is challenging. You need to use paper with both strength and pliability. Starts with an octagon.

Elff brought this model, which she folded from Szinger’s book. She and I attempted it at the meeting with poor results (by me, anyway). The photo shows the one she brought to the meeting, made from gray letter paper (8.5” square) that she decorated with the colored circles.

Here’s a shot of the bottom of it, yikes! You need patience for this one.

7) Corner Bookmark.  This Simple model was taught by Fran. She learned it from a book, but didn’t have the title or author of the book. The inside flaps make a tight-enough fit that it clings pretty tightly to the corner of the page.

8) Traditional Drinking Cup.  This Simple, traditional model can be used to hold a cold liquid as long as it doesn’t have to hold it for very long, and of course you shouldn’t use tissue-paper to make it. It’s nicely diagrammed in “Simple Traditional Origami” by Tomoko Fuse (1998, isbn 4-88996-041-4, pg14). Kelly taught this model.

9) Simple Letterfold.  Design is Traditional. Diagrammed in several places, including “The Complete Origami Course” by Paul Jackson (1989, isbn-0-8317-2792-6, 1989, pg42). This Simple model is folded from letter paper. Can be mailed; just be sure to get the stamp-corner on the upper right (make the first two corner folds on the upper right and lower left).

10) Penguin Home.  Designed by James. No diagram available. This cute model depicts a little penguin in its “home”. It can also be thought of as an adult penguin enfolding a baby penguin. James, a RUFF attendee, designed and taught this model.

11) Traditional Flapping Bird.  Traditional design. Diagrammed in “The Magic of Origami” by Alice Gray and Kunihiko Kasahara (isbn-0-87040-624-8, pg86). I’ve discussed this model in previous reports. It’s a favorite.

Projected RUFF & HiDEF meeting dates (current as of date of this Report):

     February 2015
Tue, 03 Feb - RUFF - Rosamond Library, 5-7pm
Sat, 07 Feb - HiDEF - Lancaster Library, 1-4pm

     March 2015
Tue, 03 Mar - RUFF - Rosamond Library, 5-7pm
***Sat, 07 Mar - HiDEF - Lancaster Library, 1-4pm (***May be rescheduled or cancelled)
     April 2015
***Tue, 07 Apr - RUFF - Rosamond Library, 5-7pm (***Will probably be cancelled)
Sat, 04 Apr - HiDEF - Lancaster Library, 1-4pm
     May 2015
Tue, 05 May - RUFF - Rosamond Library, 5-7pm
Sat, 09 May - HiDEF - Lancaster Library, 1-4pm
     June 2015
Tue, 02 Jun - RUFF - Rosamond Library, 5-7pm
Sat, 06 Jun - HiDEF - Lancaster Library, 1-4pm
     July 2015
Tue, 07 Jul - RUFF - Rosamond Library, 5-7pm
Sat, 04 Jul - HiDEF - Lancaster Library, 1-4pm
     August 2015
Tue, 04 Aug - RUFF - Rosamond Library, 5-7pm
Sat, 01 Aug - HiDEF - Lancaster Library, 1-4pm
     September 2015
Tue, 01 Sep - RUFF - Rosamond Library, 5-7pm
Sat, 05 Sep - HiDEF - Lancaster Library, 1-4pm
     October 2015
Tue, 06 Oct - RUFF - Rosamond Library, 5-7pm
Sat, 03 Oct - HiDEF - Lancaster Library, 1-4pm
     November 2015
Tue, 03 Nov - RUFF - Rosamond Library, 5-7pm
Sat, 07 Nov - HiDEF - Lancaster Library, 1-4pm
     December 2015
Tue, 01 Dec - RUFF - Rosamond Library, 5-7pm
Sat, 05 Dec - HiDEF - Lancaster Library, 1-4pm

----- Whoever shows up for these meetings can sit down and fold with me or whoever else is there. I always bring plenty of paper and am always ready to teach various simple-to-intermediate origamies. Others can teach as well, or bring books or diagrams that we can explore together.

----- All are welcome, but preferably ages 8 and up. Persons younger than 8 years old usually (there are always exceptions, you be the judge) have a lot of trouble with origami and don’t enjoy the experience much. Persons under 10 should have an adult helper present to help with folding and provide behavioral guidance (I do not babysit!). Folders also need fairly good close-up vision (or glasses to get you there) and should be comfortable working with their hands.

...Chila --------------------------------------------------------------
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