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RUFF & HiDEF Meetings Report: February 2015

//////  Eight folders attended the February 2015 RUFF (Rosamond Upbeat Folding Fanatics) meeting in Rosamond. There was no February 2015 HiDEF (High-Desert Enthusiastic Folders); the meeting was cancelled on short notice.

Origamies we folded in February: (1) Winged Heart;  (2) Blackface Sheep;  (3) Peace Dove;  (4) Twist Fish.

1) Winged Heart.  Design by Francis Ow. I don’t remember where I learned this model, probably at least 10 years ago, but later I found it in a Francis Ow book. I probably still have that book, but can’t find it now. This one starts out with Cupboard Doors, then you Inside-Reverse the corners on one half of the model, leaving the other half untouched. Then Mountain-Fold the corners of the untouched half to the back, lining the edges up at the bottom. And so on..... The hearts in the photo are standing up, so you can’t see the wings very well. The one in back has the wings folded back to make a better stand. The wing structure also has a pocket into which you can insert a small note or other flat object.

2) Blackface Sheep.  Design by Tony O’Hare (England). Model was diagrammed in Creased Magazine #11, now out of print. Leyla Torres made a video instruction, at For the Year of the Sheep, this is the cutest, not-too-hard sheep I was able to find. The classic paper would be black Kami, white on the back. I deem this an intermediate model. It has two steps that are challenging to a non-expert folder, forming and placing the ears, and the final fold that situates the hind feet. Video at:

The ones we made include one made from an animal-print paper. Very nice!

And here are two I made from red/black paper: Blackface Redsheep.

3) Peace Dove.  Design by Alice Gray. I have a diagram in “The Origami Handbook” by Rick Beech (2001, isbn 1-84309-212-3, pg56). Easy to make. Has a nice maneuver to form the tail. The wings can be folded in different ways for different looks.

A video showing how to make the basic model is at:

A passel of Peace Doves.

4) Twist Fish.  Design by John Cunliffe. Diagram in “Minigami” by Gay Merrill Gross (2005, isbn 1-55407-091-0, pg62). Simple. A fun model for kids. You can reverse the folds in an early step to have the back-color show on the face. Nice made from a watercolor-pattern paper.

A school of Twist Fish.

Projected RUFF & HiDEF meeting dates (current as of date of this Report):

     March 2015
*** Tue, 10 Mar - RUFF - Rosamond Library, 5-7pm (*** MOVED to 2nd Tues)
***Sat, 14 Mar - HiDEF - Lancaster Library, 1-4pm (***MOVED to 2nd Sat)

     April 2015
Sat, 04 Apr - HiDEF - Lancaster Library, 1-4pm
***Tue, 07 Apr - RUFF - Rosamond Library, 5-7pm (***Will probably be CANCELLED)
     May 2015
Tue, 05 May - RUFF - Rosamond Library, 5-7pm
Sat, 09 May - HiDEF - Lancaster Library, 1-4pm
     June 2015
Tue, 02 Jun - RUFF - Rosamond Library, 5-7pm
Sat, 06 Jun - HiDEF - Lancaster Library, 1-4pm
     July 2015
Sat, 04 Jul - HiDEF - Lancaster Library, 1-4pm
Tue, 07 Jul - RUFF - Rosamond Library, 5-7pm
     August 2015
Sat, 01 Aug - HiDEF - Lancaster Library, 1-4pm
Tue, 04 Aug - RUFF - Rosamond Library, 5-7pm
     September 2015
Tue, 01 Sep - RUFF - Rosamond Library, 5-7pm
Sat, 05 Sep - HiDEF - Lancaster Library, 1-4pm
     October 2015
Sat, 03 Oct - HiDEF - Lancaster Library, 1-4pm
Tue, 06 Oct - RUFF - Rosamond Library, 5-7pm
     November 2015
Tue, 03 Nov - RUFF - Rosamond Library, 5-7pm
Sat, 07 Nov - HiDEF - Lancaster Library, 1-4pm
     December 2015
Tue, 01 Dec - RUFF - Rosamond Library, 5-7pm
Sat, 05 Dec - HiDEF - Lancaster Library, 1-4pm

----- Whoever shows up for these meetings can sit down and fold with me or whoever else is there. I always bring plenty of paper and am always ready to teach various simple-to-intermediate origamies. Others can teach as well, or bring books or diagrams that we can explore together.

----- All are welcome, but preferably ages 8 and up. Persons younger than 8 years old usually (there are always exceptions, you be the judge) have a lot of trouble with origami and don’t enjoy the experience much. Persons under 10 should have an adult helper present to help with folding and provide behavioral guidance (I do not babysit!). Folders also need fairly good close-up vision (or glasses to get you there) and should be comfortable working with their hands.

...Chila --------------------------------------------------------------
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