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RUFF & HiDEF Meetings Report: May 2015

//////  Six folders attended the May 2015 RUFF (Rosamond Upbeat Folding Fanatics) meeting. The May 2015 HiDEF (High-Desert Enthusiastic Folders) meeting was CANCELLED on short notice.

Origamies we folded in May:  (1) Heart from 8.5x11;  (2) Magic Star;  (3) Magic Star Variation;  (4) Twist Fish.

1) Heart from 8.5x11.  Design by Unknown. First learned from Phyllis Snyder, at a WCOG meeting, probably ca 2005. Made from 8.5x11 letter paper. First you Waterbomb one end of the paper, then fold the long rectangle at the bottom in half, long-ways, and so on. I have a diagram made by Terry Hall, as taught by Phyllis Snyder. A very similar design can be found on the "Simply Modern Mom" web page and the "Origami Spirit" web page (this variation has a “pocket” on the back thru which you can string the heart to make a necklace or wall-hanging). There is also a diagram, at:  which says the model has been published (first ?) in ORU Magazine 8 (03/1995).

Either version can be used to write a letter or note (missive?) before folding the paper into the heart model. They also both have pockets into which other notes or small gifts can be inserted. See other ideas on Leyla Torres’s

We folded the Phyllis Snyder version. The photo shows both the back (left) and front (right).

2) Magic Star-Ring & Variation.  First attributed to Robert Neale. Video at Leyla Torres’s Origami Spirit:

It’s made from eight simple modules. The model can be “shaped” into an eight-pointed swirling star or an octagonal, open-centered ring.

A simple variation, by Tung Ken Lam results in a smaller star, showing the back color (a Color Change), in the center. This one doesn’t lend itself to the opening-and-closing action of the original. A diagram for this variation can be found in the British Origami Society (BOS) Convention Book 2007, pg34. The difference is just one additional fold, at the very end, and a slightly different assembly.

Here’s the classic Magic Star, in the Star configuration, using two different colored papers, four red & four green. For a pic of the model in the Ring configuration, see the blog post for Sep 2014.

3) Here’s the Variation with Color Change in the middle. Here both models used two different-colored duo papers, four papers of each color, the back color showing in the center.

4) Twist Fish.  We again folded the ever-entertaining Twist Fish. See the March 2015 Meetings Report for information on this model.

Here are two Twist Fishies with pretty decorations by my friend Annie.

Projected RUFF & HiDEF meeting dates (current as of date of this Report):

     June 2015
Tue, 02 Jun - RUFF - Rosamond Library, 5-7pm
Sat, 06 Jun - HiDEF - Lancaster Library, 1-4pm

     July 2015
Sat, 04 Jul - HiDEF - Lancaster Library, 1-4pm
Tue, 07 Jul - RUFF - Rosamond Library, 5-7pm
     August 2015
Sat, 01 Aug - HiDEF - Lancaster Library, 1-4pm
Tue, 04 Aug - RUFF - Rosamond Library, 5-7pm
     September 2015
Tue, 01 Sep - RUFF - Rosamond Library, 5-7pm
Sat, 05 Sep - HiDEF - Lancaster Library, 1-4pm
     October 2015
Sat, 03 Oct - HiDEF - Lancaster Library, 1-4pm
Tue, 06 Oct - RUFF - Rosamond Library, 5-7pm
     November 2015
Tue, 03 Nov - RUFF - Rosamond Library, 5-7pm
Sat, 07 Nov - HiDEF - Lancaster Library, 1-4pm
     December 2015
Tue, 01 Dec - RUFF - Rosamond Library, 5-7pm
Sat, 05 Dec - HiDEF - Lancaster Library, 1-4pm

----- Whoever shows up for these meetings can sit down and fold with me or whoever else is there. I always bring plenty of paper and am always ready to teach various simple-to-intermediate origamies. Others can teach as well, or bring books or diagrams that we can explore together.

----- All are welcome, but preferably ages 8 and up. Persons younger than 8 years old usually (there are always exceptions, you be the judge) have a lot of trouble with origami and don’t enjoy the experience much. Persons under 10 should have an adult helper present to help with folding and provide behavioral guidance (I do not babysit!). Folders also need fairly good close-up vision (or glasses to get you there) and should be comfortable working with their hands.

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